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Im taking my lessons soon and will hopefully pass in 6months time. what car would be good for a first car? Im thinking about a 106 GTI :D As Im going on my mums insurance, the car I've looked at is a down as a 1.6 but in actual fact its a 2.0. is their anything i could add to the engine to get a lot of extra BHP? any tips for the exterior of the car? I.E wheels, tyres, body kits, spoiler, exhaust etc? and any tips for I.C.E? As i want something that pulls like a train when the urge arises but looks good and sounds good (Engine & I.C.E.) if i ever wanted to take it to events

Hey and welcome.

just a few pointers your insurance would be invalid unless you notify then that it has a 2.0 and fronting is heavily frowned apon by insurance companies -this is where someone is classed as the owner and main driver to lower the insurance premium of the named driver who will in the main be driving the car.

id look more into this as you may find you wouldnt have your licence long if caught this way .

sorry for the downer. ideally id say and cheap car small engined to begin with as there is a high chance, statistically, that you will crash your car within the 1st year - this again going back to the fronting issue that you may find that your insurance company voids the insurance based on this.
well thats a bit #!#!#!#!, as I've been thinking about a 106 GTI for a while. Ah well what cars would you recomend? Corsa' Clio' etc etc?
yeah pretty much small common cars although sometimes some bigger ones car be had for only a slight increase in insurance over a small "boy racer" car.

best bet would be to see what you fancy and start playing about on insurance sites. remember and say that you have a full driving licence as it will go up once you have a full license as you can drive yourself
depends on the insurance company tbh most will give you the insurance but at a cost alot more than what you will pay for the car.

cant tell much on new drivers but i paid £1300 pn a 1.4 civic with a few mods nearly 10 year ago when i 1st started. now i know 18yo'd that are paying nearly double that for an old 900cc cinquecento
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Hello and welcome. Try getting some example quotes is my suggestion.

Peugeot HDi engines are good - even the 1.6 is worth 110bhp and fan more torque than any naturally aspirated 2.0 petrol engine. Insurers sometimes are more forgiving when it comes to diesel.

The 206 GT HDi is superb
dont spend all your money on the first car cuz u will smash it. buy something that has decent airbags and abs is a must. u wana live after your 1st collision. i nearly didnt!!! i pumped all i had ( not much ha) into a 1.4 punto to get me back and forward to work. the gf was driving (i swear she was) and piled into the back of a vectra. 40mph collision and my punto was twisted into two pieces. we were lucky only minor injuries.
bought a peugeot 406 2.0hdi diesel, cheaper to insure than the punto!!! after you crash you'l get some sence and drive properly. when the time comes to send her on you'l choose the right safe moment to do so, instead of on a blind summit or a corner with cars comming hahaha. now its time to watch out for other drivers cuz itl be somebody else thatl smash into you in your second collision. as it happens that happened to me. me sailing along at 50 in a 50 and a man pulls right out infront of me. wrote the car of but the time i hadnt even a scratch.
itl be peugeot or volvo for me from now on. id recommend starting as you mean to go on. 206gt hdi will do the job perfectly. oh and stick the woman in as a spouce, thatl bring the insurance down too.
How old are you mate? I am 20 now, and am paying 1900 for a 1.9 D turbo! Which is reasonably cheap, considering insurence on a gti model, or even an XSI put it up 2500. My little brother is taking lessons and such, and got qouted on a mk4 1.6 Zetec S at 2000, which for a 17 year old isnt bad! A friend of mine has a 207 hdi, and it has some grunt! Will probably be cheaper to run and insure, and will probably be a little quicker then anything your friends have, if they are also 17. DIESEL IS COOL!
im 24 now but i was 18 weni bought the punto. i was looking up insurance online for some time at first. the same company was always cheapest but what happened was i never deleted the cookies on the comp and wen it come to me paying up the quote went from 1200 to 1900 on 10secs. couldnt belev it. dey said tuff. punto lasted 6 months then the 406 was bought. she was 90bhp model and cost 900. thats some diff!!! had her till 6 monfs ago. was wrote off atleast 4 years ago but i fixed her. the insurance was still going down went from 900 to 630 then to 600 then to 520. not bad. diesel is cool, have te keep the turbos boostn man hahaha.
I would recommend an older Honda civic as they are usually pretty solid so maintenance will be cheaper. They will be cheap to buy too so more to go towards your insurance.
I would go for the 1.6 vtec if you can afford it.
I had a civic as my first car and never had any problems at all. One of my favourite cars I have driven.

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