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vw polo 1.9 sport
Hi everyone
Right where to begin, I have a mk6 polo 1.9 tdi PD
The other day when driving the car had no power and I didn't get the wack from the turbo like usual. I installed a boost gauge and the reading was 0.2 bar and it didn't go above (usual 0.8 to 1.2 bar) so I took it to a garage and they said turbo had gone. So I forked out for a hybrid as this was the perfect opportunity for an upgrade . The turbo is a 130 garret shell with 170 internals so I fitted it and still same problem however I can hear turbo spooling but no kick it is abit faster though.
The car is running a decat and EGR valve delete and a k&n filter.
Any help would be appreciated before I have I suck up and get it put on a dyagnostics machine.
Cheers Jason
Forgot to say no warning lights on the dash and the car starts up blob on as usual. It's only just on 90,000 miles now to which is nothing on these engines
90,000 is nothing as you say. Shame the turbo failed.

Get it plugged into a diagnostic OBD reader and see if anything shows up. MAFs are allegedly a problem with these at times. Fuel filter is worth replacing too.
Got it hooked up to the diagnostics machine today no fault codes at all and maf was fine
Reconnected the egr valve now and fitted the boost gauge however it's now running at negative bar pressure about -0.6 bar and when I floor it the boost goes up to 0 bar any ideas what this could be ?!?
Going to do an oil change on Friday see if this helps but it isn't due for another 4000 miles see if this helps
Really struggling now guys any help would be appriciated greatly
You are definitely way way down on boost. -0.6 bar is partial vacuum which points to restricted air-intake or faulty sensors. This is going to be a knotty one when there are no faults logged.

Come Torque Cars - let's help this gentleman out please :-)
An oil change is always good but in this instance I fear not. I would take a guess at leaking pipework, so check all your pipework carefully for splits/holes and the joints for tightness. Do you have an intercooler? these too are rascals for popping off a hose under initial boost if not secured properly. I had this once and had to change the jubilee clip to a Mikalor clamp to cure the problem.

Just reread your initial post, you cannot just whack on a hybrid turbo without doing a remap. You need to let the ecu know what is fitted and adjust the parameters accordingly. Also do you know if the fuel pump is up to the task?

These need to be looked at closely before you spend anymore money on guesses from the garage. I hate to say it but there might not have been anything wrong with your first turbo, it may have been another underlying fault. If in any doubt, seek out a diesel performance specialist with a rolling road.

I am know expert you understand but I think this would be the best course of action to take.
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Cheers guys gonna take it to a tuning specialist see if it just needs a map
Once again thanks for the advice really appriciate it
Any news on this buddy.
Also daft question, was it actually plumbed in correctly?

Not a silly question as I have seen some silly things over the past 50 plus years like a blow off valve on a NA car and the muppet was wondering why it wouldn't make a wooshing sound :blink:
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