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Got a auto integra and it seems to jump out of gear and was told it could be the fluid level.Does anyone know how to check the fluid level correctly.i.e i was told to put it in park with the engine running and the hand brake on.Does anyone know for sure if this is correct.

First, locate the g/box dipstick. There will be a hot and cold marker on it. Check that the level for the cold check is actually registering before going any further with checks, if not, add fluid until it does.
Then after a short drive to get the box and fluid hot, carry out the hot check as instructed. It may sound daft but the level when hot will become apparent when you look at it.
The correct level may be an issue and certainly check it but i'd be inclined to do a diagnostic check as it sounds more like a faulty solenoid problem.
How long has it been like this, were there any symptoms prior to this fault ?

Well the missus was driving it and the management light came on and she told me about 2 weeks after that like they do.Then as she was going to work it jumped out of gear and progressively kept jumping out more and more.I done a diagnostic and no faults showed and i double checked by removing a lead and the fault showed up from the removed lead.I then added lucus 700ml stop slip and tried to check the level.Then i was told that i had to have it in park,engine running and handbrake on and have not done that yet.I mean when it is in gear it goes like a rocket with no noise and changes through the box even better now i added the stop slip.I brought the car home and it constantly jumped out of gear.I managed to get an american workshop manual as it was the only one i could find with 1990-1993 integra and there is a thing called a vacuum modulator assembly but i am unsure whether this is on a JDM grey import.Would this be the same as the solonoid ?

I'll see if we have a manual at the workshop for this, have a read and try to help.
The other thing common with this type of fault is the Transmission Control Unit. I'll see what i can find out.
Autos, arrrrrrrrggghhhhhh :lol:
Nice one much appreciated.

Should have got a manual but the auto was the only one on offer.

Well i topped up the atf and it seemed to work a went into drive and reverse and i tested it loads of times so decided to take it for a road test.500 yards and nothing.would not go in to drive or reverse.Done a little reading and found out that it could be the pressure regulator stuck,the atf strainer blocked or the torque converter.Can any one shed any light on these issues and possible remedies please.

Hallo mate, sorry but we don't have the manual that covers the auto box. I had a look for it but no joy.
As for your problem, i think you need proper diagnosis instead of guess work.
Do you have a decent workshop nearby who can do this ?
I have a honda garage near me but they want £110+vat to do a diagnostic.I found an online manual and found that it could be the pressure regulator stuck,the atf strainer clogged or the torque converter.Now it does make a slight whiring sound which goes away when you put it in drive and it hold in drive for a while then seems to lose drive.Thanks for having a look anyways.
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