Help needed with fto speedo


Mitsubishi FTO 1.8
Please can someone help. I have just taken the speedo / rev counter out of my FTO to fit a white dial kit and now after fitting it back in the speedo and rev counter have stopped working :( I did remove the needles on the speedo and rev counter and fear it has messed it all up but I don't want to buy a new cluster if its not going to help. Does anyone have any ideas ? thanks
A lot of jap speedos and rev counters needles are not that easy to refit correctly.

The needle return spring doesnt reset to zero it just is under permanent tension and the needle hitting the stop zeros it

So assuming that you have removed it without breaking the return spring................

You need to fit the needle while it is under tension. In that way it zeros when is is pulled back to zero
You probably have not done this so the needle has been set at a large minus number so wont move at all.
Same withe the r/c
Thanks for your reply. What we have done is fit the needles at zero once ignition is switched on so we believe they would be set at zero. The fuel gauge and temp are working and moving and as far as I can see it is all fitted back in properly but it doesn't have any life in those 2 gauges, we have tried pushing them right in and leaving them a bit lose but nothing. The needles are moving if you do it yourself so they are not stuck and move freely with no resistance, it worked fine before I took them out, do you think a complete new cluster would solve it ? thanks
If you read my reply the way you have fitted them (with the ig on) isnt what I suggested. Turning the ignition on wont zero anything

sounds like you have fitted the needle in a way that leaves lots of slack in the spring so it wont move (as previously explained)

Try doing it as suggested ?

The ig doesnt have to be on - you can fit the dials with the cluster on the bench, It is also easier.
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Ok thanks for your help I can understand what you mean but can you please explain how I make the speedo / rev counter become under tension ? Is it a case of putting the dial on and winding it one way untill the needle seems to be returning to the peg quickly ? Sorry for these questions but I am trying to get my head around what exactly it is I have to do with tensioning. Currently they do drop by weight i would say as in if I put it flat down on something the needle would stay where ever I wanted by just leaving it so your fix does sound like it would work but I just need to know exactly what to do. thanks
cant speak for FTOs but.........

With nissans instead of putting the needle onto the shaft at 12 o clock ( relative to the cluster) I put the needle on at nine o clock. Then push it home tight .
Next slowly bring it clockwise (under tension ) untill it reaches the stop. Ease it past/over the stop and let it fall back onto the stop

If you had a stagea this would work.
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