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Golf 1.4s
Help please i have a Golf 1.4s T reg 5 dr, I would like to know more about how to mod the car, give better performance and 1 other slight prob. The car does not start when left 5-10 mins after use (warm). Anyone please help. ;)
Hi Stormy and welcome to TorqueCars. First off I would do some suspension mods on the car to improve the handling. A panel air filter and exhaust will make the car more fun to drive (but not really give more power).

Warm starts are usually down to faulty sensors, it might be over choking the engine. When was the car last serviced? Are all cold starts ok?
THank you for the replies, it does start on a cold star!:confused: ONly recently been for MOT and service last week. Had redex done:evil:. Am thinking of changing the HT leads!!

How else can i improve?

Again thank you
Did the problem happen after the service? If so take it back - you could be looking at a faulty plug/coil or they may have knocked a sensor.

You only need to change the HT leads if they are showing signs of wear or a misfire, I've never known leads cause a warm start problem.
ok found this on another forum but its for a 2.3 golf with similar symptoms

  1. the coolant temperature sensor
  2. battery
  3. alternator
  4. fuel relay
  5. crank position sensor
  6. engine speed sensor
the only other thing he noticed was when driving along was that the temp gauge get dropping away.
he was told that the coolant sensor is the most likely.
but to get a diagnostic done on the engine.

1st time nothing showed up at the main dealers
2nd time an independent checked it and was showing a secondary air status fault. im not sure if the 1.4 has a secondary system on it
I would get the problem fixed before doing any modification.
Performance wise...1.4 16v..75bhp? You could always add a manifold, full exhaust, forged internals. Or a remap for an extra 5 horses. Due to it being low displacement and a n/a engine, its really pointless. I no what you mean, i also have 1.4 and was eager to do it up, but i have friends who have spent thousands on a 1.4/1.6 and it will maybe pass a 2.0n/a, but anything with a turbo init and there smoked.
If your planning on keeping it a while, drop a new engine in it, or i read that i guy added the tsi system to his 1.4...mark v tho. Maybe worth a look into.

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