Help need ideas for a MK5 Golf TDi 1.9!


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mk5 vw golf tdi
Hey guys, I have just bought myself a Mk5 Golf TDi 1.9 2007. I have never modified a car before and would like some ideas. I want to go for performance and sound mods, I really want to get the most out of this car. I have been reading and remapping the engine sounds like the first thing to do.. can you guys give me a list of things to look into to increase the overall speed/power/sound of this car baring in mind that it is a diesel! I'm really new to all this and would love some advice!!
yup remapping would be best to start with. speak to revo, custom code, jappasport, APR as these are the main VAG remappers.

none resonated exhausts will give it more of a rumble and stray away from the diesel sound, but you will still know its a diesel. inreality the exhaust as standrad flows pretty well. and the intake on the Mk4 the same, full CAI gives an improvment and better sounds.
sorry saying mk4 as its the same engine
Is it possible to fit twin turbo's to my golf? What about things like air induction kits, what else can i do to the diesel tdi golfs?
Yes but you will get more power sticking to a larger single turbo. Twin Turbos are only really useful when used sequentially to reduce lag. CAI = cold air induction so see Mr. Garners post.
yeah CAI - cold air induction. basically a induction kit that sits further away from the engine to suck in the cold air.

wouldnt bother with twin turbos th PD engines ran with Varible vane turbos. geting it rebuilt with ball bearings will allow it to give more boost.
alot of stuff thats avalible for petrol cars are harder to get for diesels like cams
Ok, so get it remapped, get a CAI kit on it, what else is available for me to take advantage of? ?
CAI first as they will work this into the remap. As for what's avaliable for your car, Pgarners you're man for the VAG engines! I'd imagine a larger and better placed intercooler would be a good start though. Not too big though or you'll lose boost pressure across it.
Guys can you point me in the right direction for an amazing remap im located in gloucester england, i also need some decent sites to look at getting some stuff from can you point me in the right direction please? tell me what i can throw my money at! :)
Am I right in thinking that a remap is best done after you have all the mods on the car as it will increase the remapping power? If so what is the best CAI to get for a Golf MK5 TDI 1.9 ?
not sure if there avalible for the mk5 as they ave the particle filter on the exhaust, most of the earlier ones didnt. but miltek used to do bigger downpipe and sports cats, this would allow you a full turbo back exhaust which will free up the gasses slightly.
then start saving for bigger turbo and injectors. stuff like cams are avalible but very hard to come by as most people once theve don the intake exhaust and remap are happy enough with the mid range punch that it has. i was shocked with the 2.0 i had back in novemeber as a courtasy car and that was as standard
ok well i thanks a lot for the advice, im a little confused as I have no idea what your talking about what would you advise me to do to it that will give me the best incrase in power/speed ? in as simple terms as possible :-]

revo technik
custom code
awesome gti ( think there about the only ones who do a APR code )
or celtic tuning
as these are the main VAG remappers as i stated earlier

yes getting stuff like the CAI and exhaust done 1st will allow you to go for the stage 2 maps, which are more custom, or even fully done on the Rolling Road.
CAI - carbonio seems to get the best gains but costs close to £200.
whats confusing you because we will try and help
the other way of getting power. phoning a tuning company such as awesome or JBS auto diesgns and throw them alot of money.
Ok cool, I will google a bit, where is the best place to get the CAI from and fitted ? also where is the best place to purchase the exhaust and get it fitted?
Yes either lots of research or cheque-book tuning are your options by the looks of it. I think the likes of Jabbasport do packages. Most tuning companies will offer you advice as long as they think they are going to get some money out of you at some point.
OK cool can you recommend any good tuning companies based in the uk that i can call up an have a good conversation with ?
if you go down the carbonio you need to go to awesome for it as there the only uk supplier of them. they do also have a workshop. i havent had any issues with them when ive ordered, however living over 150 miles away from them ive never used the workshop but heard good things. fitting the kit should only take maybe an hour 2 at the most as long as you have even the most basic toolkit ( adjustable spanner, screwdrivers ) i smoothed my airbox and fitted the R32 intake shroud, air dam and snorkel to my standard airbox in under 2 hours with nothing more than a chisel, stanly knife, socket set and a dremmel

jabbasport does offer packages as do/did JBS but dont expect them to be cheap
proper exhaust

thats actually for a 1.4TFSI mk5 and not the 1.9 but it would be similer
ok sweet looking at that link, can you tell me a good exhaust system to buy for the golf mk5 tdi 1.9 and also a good carbino to get for the golf mk5 tdi 1.9 ? cheers!
Mate you have to search using google or something rather than pgarner doing it all for you. Most of your local exhaust fitters should be able to order ANY exhaust system in, or you can order it from a website/over the phone/in a shop, have it delivered to yours and take it to them.

Also, some of Jabbasports mark-ups on parts are EVIL!!!
search online for it, get it delivared for around £300-500 depending on how much you go for, cat back or turbo back , then take it to your local mechanic and get ask very nicly to fit it cheaply. he may only charge you an hour or 2 labour, maybe anouther £60
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