Help mivec or not????


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mk3 golf vr6
Hi I am after some advice from the people in the know ;)

I am after purchasing a fto and I dont know wether to get a gr or a gpx?? I have heard that the mivec's are a lot quicker, is this just a mith?

Any advice for a lad scratching his head??

The Mivec is faster, the engines look quite different. The Mivec has a large rocker cover with oil filler to the left as you look at it. The GR oil filler is on the right and there is a narrower spark plug cover on the top.

What is the engine code or chassis number? This will tell you a lot.
Having driven both, i wouldnt say there is a massive difference, just the sound of mivec on the v6 engine is awesome!

Get the GPX if youve always made cars something better than standard,

GR if you want a neat run around, actually, just get GPX!

From memory, 2.0 v6 GR runs circa 180bhp at fly, Mivec just 200.

There is also the 1.8 :S
theres no a great deal in it, you will get a gr cheaper and with a decat,cone filter with cold air pipe and adjustable fuel regulater you would have no probs keeping up with a mivec.
they are both awsome cars so its just a case of winding one that you like.
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