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Hello and a very warm, welcome to TorqueCars from me the admin!

So sorry for my very slow reply, my mum recently died and on top of that I've injured my back and shoulder so couldn't use a mouse for weeks!

I'm getting back into the swing of things now, but have to take it slowly. I'll try and get back to answer questions more fully, and I've got a ton of article updates going up soon.

I'm sure you'll fit in just fine and look forward to Talking Cars with you.

What mods have you done already and which ones do you recommend? What things would you like us to cover in our articles on the main site? - Feedback from our members greatly shapes what content we research and provide.

Keep reading the articles on our site and this forum... you'll pick up loads of good common sense tips and don't be afraid to post questions, were all here to share our knowledge and experience.

We run a really fun and interesting car community and many have said we're the friendliest around, always ready to help out where we can.

Enjoy your time with us, post loads and feel free to ask any questions or begin new threads and discussions. We're always interested to hear your comments and views on our existing topics and in the hot polls.

Have you seen our new TV channel? Let us have your thoughts when you've got a chance to see it. https://www.youtube.com/torquecars


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Hello there and a very warm welcome to TorqueCars, it's great to meet you. We hope you enjoy your time here, it is a really friendly place with everyone here ready to share experiences, swap tips and talk about cars. You'll fit in really well buddy.

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