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'63 Falcon
Greetings from Maine, USA
This is the first group I have ever joined. I ran across your sight while trying to get info on turbocharging an older engine.
I recently acquired a 1950 Ford F-5 truck with a 226 cid flat head 6 producing about 95HP at a 6.8:1 compression ratio. I will be doing a ground up restoration and want to keep the original motor, but was thinking about a mild boost to up the power a little. I don't want to go too far as I plan on driving this truck quite a bit and want as much reliability as possible. Any thoughts and ideas?
Greetings and a Warm Welcome to our TorqueCars Forum my Friend! :)

I am unable to help you with your question directly, but hopefully somebody can point you in the right direction for the knowledge that you seek!

Good luck buddy! :)

welcome buddy. is it like this? nice one. would love to see the 63 falcon too
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Easy and simples
Hey Charger69, I will post pics of both the truck and the Falcon as soon as I am able. The pic you posted is a pickup, F1? the F5 is a 1-1/2 ton chassis
I have had the 2 door Falcon for a year and a half. Traded scrap metal for it, then bought a load of parts from a guy turning a ranchero into a street rod. I got a complete, freshly rebuilt 144 six, another 3 speed tranny, steering column with column shifter, radio, antenna, bench seat, 5 excellent wheels and 6 nearly new tires, radiator, new regulator, horns, fuel tank, front suspension with new brakes, rear axle and springs with new brakes, and 4 new shocks. I put the motor in last summer, just need to fix the brakes, replace the floorboards and build an exhaust for it.
I am going to make it my daily driver in the summer and hope it gets the 25 to 29 MPG I have heard these little cars got.
I have given that thought and haven't totally dismissed the idea. I was just leaning more toward wooden. Thank you very much for the input.
My Wife and I make pens, rolling pins and other items on our lathe. we use our '85 toyota sunraider camper to go to craft shows. The F-5 will replace the toyota. I am looking at putting 4K to 6K miles on each year between craft shows and pleasure travel around New England and an occasional trip to my sister in North Georgia.
On the typical wedge shaped combustion chamber, 1 point of compression, all else being equal, is worth a 4% increase or decrease in power.
Hi there, I hope you are well. May I wish you a warm welcome to TorqueCars, it is a pleasure to meet you.

You'll find us a pretty friendly bunch and I'm sure you'll start to love and enjoy the forums as much as we all do. (It gets quite addictive at times.)

Feel free to get involved in our other threads, all opinions are welcome and as they say "the more the merrier"! (It's also great when people start new threads and discussions and all adds to the great debate.)

Keep us up to date with your project as well, we like to see what people are getting up to with their cars.

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