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1999 mustang gt
Hi everyone, i hope that you guys will be able to give me some helpful advice. I'm an older car buff and am undertaking a father/son project. I've had a buick 455 ram air stage i engine bolted up to a 400 turbo trans since 1977 and my son has a 1999 mustang gt w/o an engine or tranny. I'considering undertaking the challenge of putting the 455 in the mustang. Any ideas as to the type of problems i may encounter?
As the Mustang has no engine then I don't see why you can't give it a go tbh. What sort of mechanical skills and knowledge do and your son have? Do you have access to all the tools needed?
I have to admit i/m just a back-alley mechanic from the early 60's. I would like to keep it simple but i may be getting in over my head. I just wanted to do something "radical"
Agreed it would be awesome project. I would do on the basis that I knew someone good with wiring and electrics (just in case) and had access to an engine crane. The hardest bit will be the wiring up.

Have you measured the engine vs the engine bay?
Not yet, we just had the car delivered from Michigan Sat Nt. My buddy & I had originally installed the 455 in his 49 Merc, but you know how big that engine bay is. I had installed a 351 Cleveland in my 47 Ford. But like I say that was 30 yrs ago.
Hello and welcome, nice to meet hou and this sounds like an interesting project which I wish you well on.

So you have engine mounts sorted?

What gearbox were you going to use? I presume your engine will be carb but have you thought about adding a simple fuel injection for a power upgrade?
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