hello i like big ol' volvos and capris

Mr C Sanchez

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England Bognor Regis
Capri 2.8/volvo 940
Hi new to the site, gonna have a look around to see if theres some good volvo stuff. Im finding them a little more challenging to modify than the old fords. built like tanks.
I have a nice old volvo 940, and a mk3 2.8s capri.
Hello there and may I extent to you a very warm welcome to TorqueCars, nice to meet you. What are your plans for the cars then?

I love the sound of the 2.8 capri engine, it really does purr when it's setup right. Sadly there are not many around nowadays.
Welcome to TC, have you seen the 500 HP, 6 litre, V8 Volvo 242 on the front of this months Practical Performance Car?
yo Thank ypou for the warm welcome,

sorry to take ages to reply, having a problem with my connection.

The Capri is to 2.8 special, alot of work has been done to get it looking and running better, not a massive amount of tuning as most of my money went on getting working.
Uprated injectors, fuel pump, Tougher gear box from Tickover, replaced all the break parts with new ones, including lines, cleaned the underneath and waxoiled ( i loved that job). Took out the heavy half leather interior so just some nice neat buckets in there. I wanted to preserve the leather aswell as lighten her.

I lost my job last year which ruined my plans for the Cossie b.o.a transplant, got a new job and want a V8 instead, as not sure on tuning capabilities of the cossie.

Is the 3100 standard? not a trailer queen by the sounds of it.

I have seen the volvo on the cover of ppc, i only wish i had half that blokes knowledge....and tools....and money! i,m not sure on the wheels but i guess he was going for a certain style.
Are you talking about the 4 cylinder YB Cossie, because i have no chance of affording those babies, im talking about the v6 found in Granny Scorpios. i havent seen one really tuned that much.
The 2.9 Granada Cosworth can be tuned pretty well. I've seen a couple that have been TT'd but tuning any engine will always come down to how big your wallet is.

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