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Cayenne 3.0 d
Morning and hello from a newbie, quick question please, I’ve just picked up a 2103 Porsche Cayenne diesel 3.0 was thinking of getting it tuned/remapped by quantum for two reasons, a) they are the only people in Aberdeen and b) I can get it done for free (guy owes me a favour). Does anyone have experience with qauntum that I should be concerNed about? Thanks

second question is how best to change over the chrome window surrounds to black, can’t find anyone who supplies them ?
Hi there, please accept my apologies for my slow reply. I've been in isolation and everything takes 10 times longer than usual!

No heard any bad things about Quantum and a friend had his Seat remapped by them and was very pleased.

Have you looked into getting the chrome surrounds wrapped or sprayed? Our local paintshop will do jobs like this, you take off the trims/rims etc... drop them off and he keys and sprays them, it takes time but you'll get a good finish and it saves time looking around for suitable parts.
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