Hello (again??)


Torque Junkie
fiesta zetec s1600
Hi, I often post in general chat but I recently 'thought' I had added myself to this subsection. There isn't any sign of my initial hello
So just to keep updated we have a Zetec S1600 Limited edition (late 10 reg)
anyone got any info on facts, views, probs with Zetec Ss???
Cannot get it to understand voice commands too well:blink::blink::blink::sad2:
Hello and welcome to TorqueCars, nice to have you with us. Tell us a bit about yourself then, work, play etc...

When it comes to voice commands often we end up over pronouncing the words, relax a little and you'll probably find it is ok.
Come on now WAynne!!
You MUST read the quotes so you KNOW that I am constantly replying to members in the general chat section!
I wanted to be also in a specific group (this) so that queries as to the model type might be more readily answered because members ALSO have a Fiesta

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