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could anyone help please.
when i put the heater/cooler on speed 1 and 2 nothink happens but when i put it on speed 3 it comes on.
Most models of Rover with multi speed heater controls have a resistor bank located in the heater itself. The fault described by Kayleigh is very common in older cars and is a result of one of the resistors burning out due to oxidation which causes the resistor to become thinner with age.
The resistor bank is located within the heater motor housing, and is easily accessed from the passenger footwell, by removing the passengers glovebox the heater motor housing is visible, there is a connector for the wiring which is fixed by two screws. Unplug the wiring from the connector, remove the two screws and lift out the connector from the motor, the resistors are on the underside of this connector.
As the resistors are all spot welded in place you will have to replace the whole connector block. It can be obtained from any Rover dealer with a spareparts dept.
If the heater works on any of it's speeds it is unlikely that there is a fault with the switch or wiring connections.

Jim Gardner.
find a breakers yard. I have a rover 45 with the same problem. I found alot of the 25s and 45 had already had them taken out. Must by a common problem. I also found that the resitor from the 25 fits and does the same job.
£10 from simpsons salvage it cost me but they have now closed down

good look


Ps real easy to fit once you find it
hi thanks for all your replys great help,
i went to the scrap yard and toke one from a new rover went to pay for it an the man was saying £25 for it so i said forget that, so i went to another scrap yard and brought 2 even though they wasent as new as the other one i only had to pay £5 for 2.
and they both work so if the one goes then i can use the other one.
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