Have you upgraded your car Hifi?


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I thought that this question would fit in this section.
So are you interested in carhifi?
Have you upgraded your car front/back speakers?
Have you installed subwoofers and amplifiers?
How did you survived wiring? how much your whole hifisystem has cost?
Are you going to do something to make the sound better?
Or don't you just care how good is the quality of your car?

I just wanna know, coz I myself bet very much to the car sound, and i want to listen the music with the good quality.
I have installed new front speakers to the Probe (5.25") cost was 250€ and the wiring was some 50€.
I'm going to buy 12" Hertz subwoofer cost 450€, and Spl dynamics (Finlands own trademark for carhifi ;) ) mono-amplifier cost 600€ + wiring about 150€.

So tell me how your car sounds!
JVC DAB radio and I left the standard audi speakers + sub as they were cos they are actually quite good. (The install cost was higher than the cost of the radio! :(!)
JVC DAB radio and I left the standard audi speakers + sub as they were cos they are actually quite good. (The install cost was higher than the cost of the radio! :(!)

Where did you install it? :eek: In some carservice?
I put my own Pioneer(what was from my older car but I installed it in Ford.
It isn't so hard to install it by yourself (I remember that the instructions were in the manualguide that comes with the player) coz just that installation cost veeery much in some professional store, I think that they are illegal expensive:p
waynne said:
(The install cost was higher than the cost of the radio! !)

did you get the player for free

what does the audi not have an iso connection on the back if so its only a straight swap is it not ?

only installed 2 12" sony subs, set up in series, and 1000w mono alpine amp in the bora
have to agree with waynne the speakers in the bora (think there will be the same as the audis) are quite good and im not into having it turned way up. alpine mp3 headunit and 6 disc mp3 changer in the boot

the civic on the other hand

the same subs installed directly on to the back seats felt great both going even at half meant that you couldnt sit on them.
the parcel shelf had been re-enforced with plywood and 2 sets of vibe 6x9s installed under them with the shelf cut out fitted with mesh and re carpeted (stealth shelf). powered by boesman 1000w 4 channel amp
back speaker had to be replaced within a week of owning the car as they split there paper cones, front speakers were also uprated shortly after as the sound was off (fronts couldnt handle the bass) then i had this great idea of installing 5.25 components in the center console with the tweeter fitted on the dash besides the clock. powered by Vibe black box
monitor fitted under the ashtray smoothed to look like it was there all the time
tv brain fitted under the drivers seat and connected to the monitor
ps2 (big one) fitted under the passengers seat, used the bigger one as it ejected over the hump under the seat

emm altogether prob £1500 thats including all the wiring and another 12" sub that was blown up a set of 6x9 went the same. as sony head unit that the wife ended up with
and a few other things power cap, second taxi battery in the boot

wiring was a piece of cake. biggest prob ive had was with the bora as i couldnt get the live from the battery to the boot but found a website that showed a live connection under the fusebox in the audi a4 had a look and it was the same
got a ripspeed dvd player, the dv -01 i think it is, gonna get some new front speakers (dunno what yet) 2 12" sub for my boot then another two for the parcel shelf, dunno about an amp yet, have to think about that one
Damh straight I have! ICE is most important to me.

Ive put in a DVD MP3 player, front JVC speakers & tweeters, rear 380watt JVC 6x9's and a 12" 1000 Watt sub with a built in 400watt amp & 1.2 power cap.

Neither are impressive really but far from standard.

Im fairly happy with the result I get.

Total cost for everything was less than £600.
Damh straight I have! ICE is most important to me.

Yes. Another one!;)

I forgot to say in the beginning that I have also tweeters. They are installed in A-pilars to both sides in front. And I also forgot to say that I have MP3/CD-player (Pioneer, cost 200€) but that one is going to change. I need 450€ cost CD/MP3 player with DSP (signal prosessor) and that will also be Pioneer or Alpine(=much more expensive), also player has to have usb because I'm going to but all my MP3-files(I have about 60Gb) in 80Gb hard drive and put that in glove box.
And all my speakers and tweeters are DSL, if you know that swedish speaker manufacturer.
Not upgraded the Peugeot because it has a vehicle dash console specific fitment.

I know I could get a DIN E adapter but the factory head unit is a Clarion item which also lets me play tapes. Not that I bother much with them, but tape is more than OK when you have a studio cassette unit indoors.

There's a CD changer in the boot (only 6 disc) which is again factory std and of Clarion manufacture.

Being a higher end model from the 406 range at the time it's got JBL and Harman Kardon power amp/speakers which all seems to work together pretty well.

Biggest problem is that the head unit is butt ugly really.

But it sounds pleasant. More than loud enough ,even for me, with deep tuneful bass and very sweet, focussed, mids and highs.
All I've ugraded is the head unit. Personally I'd rather drop in the new engine at the moment, a huge sound system will come in about 2 years time, maybe later.
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