Has Corona virus affected your travel plans


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Are you planning a road trip across countries?

Has the Corona virus affected your plans? Are you less likely to travel now with all the virus spreading news?
I think the panic is overblown, it is just a winter FLU virus, which we get every few years. It will be bad to get it but we're not talking Spanish flu bad.
Not booked a holiday yet, and I might stick with a break in the Uk but I'm waiting to see how it all pans out.
Can't believe the panic buying of toilet paper. I know some are full of it but this is ridiculous in the extreme .V(
I spent the winter fitting out my t4 for a slow trip to Corsica and possibly beyond, who knows what'll happen now, I wasn't planning on having a few months off work beforehand which as a self employed may cause issues
My travel plans were only to tow my car to and compete in various events that have either been put on hold or cancelled.
It's still not looking great out there is it!? Place your bets on how long we will all be in lockdown and then how long it will take to get back to normal life again.
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