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Hey everyone! Ive been nosing around the net and ive decided i like the look of sum of the SKUNK2 products... sadly tho everything as always they are for the 2.2 VTEC. Anyone know where a H23A owner can get performace Intake Manifolds, Throttle Body(s)and Cam Shafts Etc?

Thanks in advance :p
Whats Jakan Honda lol ive never herd of it :confused: google isnt spittin much out either :( Its wierd how theres next to nothing performance wise for these H23A's apart from the U.S turbo kits you can get.... Guess ill have to save up and take that route for more power.... wud still like to upgrade the other parts tho...*sigh*

anywho thanks waynne
I'll keep looking for you. Jakan were the Honda specialist tuner but I suspect they have been victims of the recession.
Thanks Waynne, cos i cant find nout! Plus as much as id like to save up and do the Vtec Engine swap the money i could save for that could just go towards the bits for this engine but obviously only if i can find the performace parts for it (stuck between a rock and a hard place) :amuse:
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