Gtx billet comp wheel info

Not sure of the application of your car once those injector are fitted, i.e. street or track. But when I had the bigger turbo fitted and the 950cc injectors, rush hour traffic idling in London was a chuckle ;)

The boffin sorted it out on the 2nd attempt though. :)
My tuner Rob Chapman is away ATM competing in the FINKE DESERT RALLY in one of his Mitsubishis but he has told me the ID1000's are a good injector to tune.
He has a large workshop app 2 hours drive away so I will trailer the car there and leave it for a couple of days.

He was highly recommended to me by Murray Coote an ex Australian rally champ who now builds high end coilovers and an 700 hp S13 that came 2d outright in the pro class in the world time attack held at Eastern Creek a year ago.
Rob tuned it along with Murrays son Joshes old drift Silvia and his new Nissan V8 powered 350Z drift car.
You can see pics of Rob and wife's red Mitsubishi's in action on that site.
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