grills without logo


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8-)8-)Hello everyone8-)8-),

i have an D2 facelifted A8 and i'm looking for the radiator grilles that have no audi logo on them - just simple grilles with horizontal parting (preferably chrome finish). i've been looking them for a while on the internet and unfortunately the results were quite a poo :bigsmile:. do you know by any chance where i could find those?
thanks a lot for your help and all the best!
I've seen a few on Ebay - give that a go. Its a shame that Audi have stuck a great big logo in the grill because they look so cool without it. Chrome will only look right if you have chrome elsewhere on your car though.
Thanks Waynne, i'll definately take a look there, although i did that couple of times but all that i've found was chrome grills for audi but still... with logo. well, i guess i'll have to make a more extensive search. regarding the chrome - there are some chrome parts on my vehicle so i think - if i'll get lucky and find what i'm looking for - the overall picture will be a very well balanced one :)
You can get the chrome strips which you cut to shape. Fit these to a debadged grill and you will have what you are after. (I still think it would look Totaly Toxic in black!)

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