Greetings to my fellow drivers!


E34 525tds
Heyyya! :) Just found out about this Epic Forums and decided to register!
As far as I remember myself I always have had a special place in my heart for things that like to move and have engines in them
In short I'm a guy in my twenties originally born and grown up in Latvia , just after reaching 18 , passed my licenses and after a couple of months in winter bought an cheap'o VW Golf 1.6d with gasoline transmission on it from a buddy of mine. It had like 2.months of MOT Not counting the cars I've driven without age/licenses requirements I had previously driven a Megane 1.9dci (hatchback) , Voyager (the old one with chain engine) ,VW t4 1.9tdi , C220 cdi w202 and maybe I'm missing something out ,but at that time those were none of my cars either parents or somebody asked me to drive for them like e39 2.5tds or the Mazda 626 1.8 1998 ,anywaysss, that Golf was officially my first ride : on my name, my insurance and everything. So that's that. Now fast forwarding in years I have had several cars in my ownership and all the services required are executed by me except only for wheel alingment I needed on a w203 220cdi because of the whole front and rear suspension components revision and also I don't balance/mount the tyres myself yet. Analyzing my choices and preferences I'd say I am a guy who likes rear wheel drive cars more over fwd and naturally only Manual transmissions and most importantly ofcourse the fuel type is good ol' Diesel! I also like to meet new people, enjoy long walks on the outside , nature itself , all the animals andd pretty much a lot lot of stuff Hunting information everyday and never stopping! Also, I sometimes tend to worry about Worldly things which me myself cannot fix , so yeah , this is a short Hello and mini information about me.

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