Graphine applications in car engines


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Do you think there are any applications for graphine in motor engines?

Is it fire proof ? Could it be used to coat cylinder liners? Will some company bring out a graphine oil additive?
Okay curiosity got the better of me and I have been doing a little research. Graphene is its name and I still have not come across this but then again it is not relevant in my line of work. Interesting material and from what I have found out we only have 42 patents, Samsung have over 400 and China over 2000 even though we seem to be the ones who came up with it! Not read enough into the full list of what it can do but it mainly focuses on the electronics industry. No doubt the good doctor will find a use for it on the beast :blink1:
It's one atom thick, harder than diamond, more conductive than copper and you can make it with a pencil and an eraser!

It could theoretically be used to protect car paint.
It's a marvellous product. Can't wait to see where it goes.
It is just a large lattice so I don't think it will contract and expand too much, if my memory of chemistry serves me correctly.

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