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Any directions of first things first to do tinkering-wise on my 318i?

I want a little list i can look at in order to slowly upgrade my car and make it faster, especially at the bottom end, it just doesn't have the grunt from the start. Once you're away you're away of course and it shifts like the preverbial off a shovel but i really need bottom end performance if nothing else.

Cheers kids,

Pete :twisted: 8)
Lower ratio gearing - BMW build cars for autobahn cruising. Drop a shorter first and second gear cog in.

Induction kit
FSE boost valve for a faster throttle response
Cam - fast road profile
Exhaust - Stainless steel 2inch pipe with a sports cat
Remap - remove rev limit
Weight reduction - at least lose the spare wheel and back seat :shock:

If the engine has done a few miles it might just be coked up inside - try Ecotek Power boost spray to remove engine varnishes and gunk!

Great advice mate, thanks for that.

How would you suggest i make it louder as well? Would just a sports back box do the job or would i "have" to get a full system, i mean i will eventually get one but for just for now y'know...

Also what the deal with the gunk remover? How do i use it and where do i put it? lol.

Cheers cock,

Pete 8)
A back box would improve the sound.

The gunk remover is sprayed into the air intake behind the filter for 30 seconds with the engine running at 2000 revs then you take the car for a run and then repeat the process. It makes a load of smoke but does seem to do what it says on the tin! :wink:

Excellent mate! You're a ducking movie star! lol.

What back box would you recommend? Just whatever? Or something big bore? I know cherry bomb's make a lot of noise but they look crap because they're so damn small! Any suggestions on your part pal?


Pete :twisted: 8)
Its really subjective. Some people like a raspy noise others prefer a deep roar or a boom and some exhausts only roar loudly at full chat! Cherry Bombs always sound good but as you say they are quite small. Have a look at what ca automotive have for your car.

I want a big baaaaarrrrrp sound. lol. if that makes sense. Kind've the sound of a v6/v8 would be nice.

Who are ca automotive? Ca = California?

So yeah, a nice deep roar, certainly not a rasping sound that'd be a bit odd on a Beemer me thinks.

Cheers, sorry for all the questions bud, but hey, that's your job :lol:

Oh, also i don't want one that only sounds good when i'm hammering it or it'll cost me a small fortune in juice! ta

I can't relaly find anything on there mate, nbot priced up and everything and i can't see where they're based either, it may of course just be me being slack of course, lol.
It looks like they have relaunched their site - it used to look a lot better than that. It's probably worth a phone call to them and chat over option with them.
Aye i'll have a see. There's also a motor spares place near me that's really reasonable in price terms so i'll nip in there and see what they've got. Cheers Waynne,


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