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Ok..I want to get a VR6 for my next car. I have been offered one for 900pound. He is selling it in 2 months. Anyone know if a 18 year old that has just passed his test in November would be able to get insurance on a 2.8 VR6 Golf.
If I can get insured..Anyone know an average price ?
Not another dreamer are you? Either get your wallet out or stick to driving round in something slow for a bit.

Nothing stopping you buying it and turning into a monster for when you can afford the insurance though, as they're pretty lazy as standard ;)
Just had a browse on the net. Cant get insurance below 4k xD I think I will start looking out for a 2litre GTI instead,
The 2 litre Gti will still prob be around that price.
The old saying goes. "You've got to crawl before you walk".
So in car terms you may have to make do with a small engined low power car until you have more driving experience and some no claims too.
Well I get my no claims in november which is when I plan on upgrading...Would it do much to the insurance? 1 years that is..
knock around 20-25% off so it might save you around a grand depending onhow the insurance company works with its premuims for younger drivers.

id follow MAs advise garage it get the engine out. maybe fit th 3.2 from the R32 or if you can find one the R36 engine ( only apperared in the latest passats ) get it blown - super/turbo charged. this should keep you going for a few years if your doing the work yourself then youll have some NCB and a decent show car
1 Year won't do much no. It may sound harsh but you need to wait and get a few years driving behind you. I see this all the time round here 17-18 year olds pass their test then parents buy them a sporty car and within weeks of them owning it they've wrote it off. Now i'm not saying you will do the same my point is this is why insurance is so high for young people.
Well...I am not one of them people that is lucky enough to get mummy and daddy to buy me a brand spanking new car...I bought my own car. Just woundered how much it would cost to insure a VR6 because I know someone that is selling a very good conditioned vr6 for 900...But now I know how much it will cost...The whole idea has shot straight over my head xD
craggle - find someone that does pass plus around you. insurance companies can give some discounts for having this.
remember the wife got 25% discount with prudential the 1st year she insured hers. didnt save very much the next year however
I already have Pass plus. Saved me about 30% on my first cars insurance...anyone know what catergory a 2litre 8v is? I know the 16v is about catergory 16
i take it your looking at mk3 golf gti's?

heres a tip, get a mk2 gti 8v, you'll be able to insure it as a classic car which will save you mucho dosh! probs still lookin at 1900 due to your age and inexperience.

or, buy a golf driver 1.8. with a few cheap and easy mods they can be brought up to gti performance, and as its all OEM parts the insurers would never know the difference....

besides, the mk2 golf is a MUCH MUCH MUCH better car than a mk3! FACT!
Classic car insurance in my experiance is no cheaper than modern day car insurance. Infact modern cars should be less on insurance due to higher security levels.
classic car insurance is cheaper than normal insurance, because the car is worth looking after! thats the way they look at it, if you have a classic car you are far more likely to take care of it better!

heres an example, quote i got for a mk2 golf GTI 16v, £890 fully comp (parked on road,no ncb,23, med-high crime post code)

for my current mk2 1.8 driver quote was £1760 fully comp (same details).

i dont want a gti though, am building a 2.1 lump to go in instead! lol
Thats my point though. If it's worth more it's also more appealing to criminals that steal cars to order. I tried to insure a Land Rover once under Classic insurance cause I thought it would be cheaper than a car and i'll tell ya....It wasn't.
well im just going on my own personal experience. i phoned adrian flux's Golf GTI department and got the price i said above, almost a grand cheaper than a golf driver!
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