Golf V5 supercharger/turbo kits?

Hi Dan,

Many thanks for your reply. Your help would be invaluable! I'm really struggling to find a kit for this car. What would you recommend - turbo or charger?

I'd be happy to discuss all of this with you - set up, fitting, pricing etc

Many thanks again

HI Lee,

I would of thought a turbo is a better application, it depends where and how you want your power to come?

Please email me on with your specs etc and i will be happy to chat and work something out
Many thanks Killerboots,

yes i am sure i can help with this as we have a full head shop,we also have the facility for flowing and porting, valve upgrades, 5 seats and much more
Thanks very much Dan,

maybe it would be best for you to make some recommendations if i gave you a budget?

I'll email you with all the details of the car in the morning as i've already had a few things done to it so i'd like your opinion on where to go next......

sure if you wouldl like me to send you a budget does this budget include the turbo?
Have you decided on the details for the V5?

I myself have a 150BHP V5 and want to upgrade to turbo but superchargers look like more fun. I would like to know more about fitting a charger on the engine. What's the average price for this kind of upgrade?
hi johnny

sounds good either supercharger or turbo give u alot of fun. However there are no kits out there for the V5, However may i give you some options that you may find more appealing, We can build you a custom kit but you are looking at 7-10k but that be 400 + power,
This is alot so i have a couple more options that may intrest. the one i would recommend it a engine swap, We can put the 1.8 T 225 BHP engine into the car or the V6 range depending on whatyou like,

With the 1.8 T we can fit it and then do a remap at the same time boosting the power to around the 270 mark. With this lump you have alot of tuning potential in it, The V6 range is also easy to install and tune.

We can also offer a show engine bay were we can fit silcone hoses, larger intercoolers suspension etc.

I think this is your better option but entirely up to u
Thanks for your fast reply. The custom build clearly is over my budget for this. It's over what I paid for the entire car also :). So, in conclusion, the V5 is not really "tuning-friendly".
When I checked for details regarding the engine, I noticed that the V5 and the V6 are practically the same engine, so I cannot understand why it costs so much more to upgrade the V5.
Hi Johnny,

The problem is that the V5 is not as tunable and their are less or no products or companies providing kits, There are kits for the V6 and 1.8T and availabilty is more common, Maybe go down the engine tuning side but with N/A ie, cams flowiunng the heads, lightweight flywheel, Exhausts, etc We can do all this for you,
However i do think if you want power/cash you will achieve more with and engine swap.
A SuperCharged W8 kit sounds awsome given its the same VR concept, just two VR4's offset at a 90° angle on a common crank. Shame there's no room in the engine bay :(
How about a remote turbo in the exhaust ?
thatll get over the engine bay issue

I've no idea how one of those works ;)

To be completely honest, MPG is already shockingly bad after the Exhaust & Remap although performance is shockingly good! I'm not sure I'd really like to average less than I currently am!!
I average around 19mpg. Used to average 22-24mpg before the mods. Some of that might be the fact I like to hear it now!

On a carefull run I can get 25-27mpg, used to be able to get around 29mpg.
Never!! That and my 1.8T wasn't overly eco friendly anyway. It was mapped to just within the limit of the stock K03 turbo.

Bought a Diesel FreeLander as my run about... mapped for economy its averaging 34mpg :)

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