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Australia Sydney
Golf R32
Hi can anyone tell me if you can turbo or supercharge a MK5 Golf R32 ,And
where in Sydney can i have it done with a workshop that is specialised in Turbos or SChargers for Vw

Thanks Heaps
The R32 isn't quick enough then!? :lol:

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Best thing to do would be a remap mate, these R32's are pretty quick! Superchargers will be your best option as turbo'ing an N/A car is extremely expensive and will bring all sorts of problems to your wallet and engine.
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both have been done to the r32. cant comment on where could do it but plenty have done it home built. only issue is one of the pistons does tend to run very hot and can melt over long term
Wow, thanks for the friendly replys guys.And all the welcomes much appreciated!

I know its damn quick (R32) DAVALAV ,but you see there is a little kid in me that always wants to go faster ,Im sure all of you know what i mean! is it a good idea to mod it or should i just leave it std? I have a beee under my bonnet now and want faster
Is it hard to do a home job pgarner ?
suppose it depends on how good you are with the spanners and such like. youll probably not be able to do the mapping but if youve the tools, time, space and skills then it shouldnt be harder than working on any other car

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