golf mk4 gttdi 130



hi all,im seriously considering getting my car remapped.I have heard good things about performance gain and bad things about clutch and dmf after.could i get my golf remapped yet still not have any issues with my clutch and dmf.My clutch and flywheel was replaced recently(£720) and i dont and havent got the finances to fund another.It was a luk clutch and dmf.If i had the remap on my car would it be a compromise with the lifespan of my clutch and dmf,many thanks chatty
Howdo. I have the same engine in a Bora.

Keep the remap torque under 300lbft and you will be fine. Mine is at a supposed 170bhp and 290lbft, although I've never had it rolling-roaded.
I had my golf 140 custom mapped 4 years ago and have done 30000+ miles without any problems. Well except tyre wear which I couldnt help:lol:
Find a local company who will look after you.REVO dealers will offer a 7 day map which you try before you buy. This gives you time to try the map before you decide on what you want to do.
Regarding the clutch/dmf as long as you tell the tuners your concerns about the new parts they will put your mind at rest
Let us know what you decide

ps Dont forget google is best:D

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