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Well guys and gals as you can see from my sig I run a Mk lll 1.8 GL and I reckon I'm getting about 32 to the gallon which to me is really scary cos it means she drinking me out of house and home and will have to go if I can't improve things.

Right a bit of background, I drive for ecomomy as much as I can I keep the tyre pressures spot on checked and set every week I don't carry a load of junk in the boot just the standard spacesaver spare and a bag with empty plastic petrol can an couple of tow ropes. Now the bit I think is the killer most of my driving is in suburban areas with a lot in Manchester where I work.

Any advice to improve the fuel consumption I need to get it up to high 30s if I can otherwise my Golf goes and I have to start again with a smaller car.

Thanks folks
id say 32 was quite good for an old car. - id be happy with that more often just now lol
remember that the cold weather means lower economy figures as well.
as your driving alot in town look at ditching the spacesaver
when was it last serviced ? you may find a basic service will help economy
Im getting about 7 L / 100km on the highway, mostly around 100km /h.\
Im running a 1995 golf mk3, 1.8 aam wagon.
Running the engine hotter will improve economy a bit further. Does it show cold most of the time or do you often get it up to operating temperature?

Put a piece of foil behind part of the radiator (not behind the fan though) or place it behind the grill. This will help raise the temp but remove it in the summer months.

An alternative is to run it with a slightly hotter rated thermostat.

Head work like porting and a 3 angle valve job should further improve fuel economy.

Things that won't work.
Magnets that go round your fuel line.
Petrol additives.
Driving in Reverse everywhere.
Plastic things you stick in your air intake line to swirl, collapse vacuums and or other similar gimmicks and gadgets.

Things that will help a bit.
Low friction ECO tyres.
Removing the rear seats.
Tailgating (but this is pretty dangerous!)
Driving without using the brakes much, time your coast to junctions so the car is pretty much slowed up when you hit the line.
Can of Power Boost engine cleaning foam, this is quite effective at cleaning engines out.
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