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golf 1.4 16vbase 02
Hi guys
Just bought a 2002 VW golf mark 4 .its a 1.4 16 v base model . I really like it. Was thinking of getting the engine re-mapped, Would it improve performance?
Also considering getting a cold air intake filter would that increase acceleration . ?
I'm no expert so any help would be appreciated

ok bearer of bad news. remapping will give it slightly more power so yes it would improve performance but only slightly youd be lucky to see 10bhp gain but it would be across the whole of the rev range so you would feel the difference.

cold air intake would increase the induction noise from the engine but wont do much for performance, maybe a couple of ponies.
i noticed a difference of only a couple when i fitted mine to the 1.8t engine and that could have been down to air pressure or temp
Im sure the 10 bhp made a bit more of a difference no ? did you notice anything else beneficial from the re-map? what do you think of the car in general ?
no my remap added in the end, according to vagcom sensors, 36bhp but that was on the 1.8t engine.

as for the car in general i liked the bora i had - same car just with different bodywork on it. click on the pic in my thread if you want to see more.
as i said in the other thread the wife has the 1.6 golf it was more than 100bhp down on the bora and felt like it hardly moved. the suspension was wallowy and it weighs a lot for a smaller car. ohh and the brakes on the lower powered ones feel like you might as well get out in front and try stopping it that way.

off with the negitives however, engines generally are strong enough to take a battering ,bar the 2.0 which you should never go near, easy enough to work on just need some torx and spline bits. lots of support for them

build quality is fantastic and they can take a battering as well. mines went under a bus and was still drivable - too much damage to repair economically though. and the wifes was hit side on the wife while parked, shunting the car over a couple of inches and didnt need much work to get it back on the road.
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