Golf Gt Tsi 170


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Golf GT TSI 170
Just not long got Golf Gt Tsi 170, was looking at maybe doing mod to increase bhp, thought about remap? Anyone got any good suggestions,
I don't think you need to worry about any additional hardware at the moment, just stick with the remap. Lots of good companies about who can do this for you a few of which advertise here on TorqueCars.
You should get another 30-50bhp from a remap and the switchover from supercharger to turbo is lot smoother when properly remapped.

JF Automotive are forum supported but they are based in Kent.

Why not post up some remap company names near you and I'm sure our members will be able to throw some light on whether they are good or not.

Have a chat with the guys at Awesome GTi in Manchester, if that is not too far away for you, they should have something impressive up their sleeves for you.
Okay cheers for Info, Am just north off Aberdeen so if anyone knows any companys within this area let me know, Will certainly have look just to give it bit moe power on it, Came with a caractere body kit and 18 inch diamond alloys
Very nice, when you get to 10 posts you'll have to post us up some pics of it. What colour is it (a girly question I know!)
Thats the Golf re mapped now, what a differance to the performance, well pleased
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