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Golf 2 VR6
hi there im driving a golf 2 GTI with a 2.9 VR6 engine.

Was thinking of turbo charging it and would like some info on turboing the engine im kinda new at the turbo charging a car thing.

I am using a stage 2 clutch as the normal golf 2 clutch cant support the extra power from the VR6 powerplant i upgraded the brakes as well.

I would like some info on what i need to turbo the engine like internals and so on.

Thanx any help would be apreciated
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turbonutter69 Re: golf 2 vr6Turbo info needed
Turbo'ing a naturally aspired engine will prob cost ££££'s.
Have a quick read here
Hi there thanks for the reply turbonutter69 good info thanx money isnt going to be a problem the thing is im looking at a stage 3 turbo kit and need to know what needs to be done for me to be able to drive the car without it breaking down or popping the engine after a while.

i have the imported 2.9 VR6 engine and need to now the exact size it needs to be bored to for me to use the above mentioned turbo, i did some research on vw vortex to see what i have to buy but they dont give me the piston sizes i need to buy please read this if im alowed to add it to my measage and just tel me what you think thats the best i was able to get on the subject

thanx a lot
It doesn't need to be bored out.
It needs the compression lowering.
You can either buy different pistons to lower the compression or fit a metal spacer to the head and that will slighty lower the compression too.
most just get round the compression problem with thicker metal head gaskets. cant say ive really heard of alot of turbocharged ones as most go down the supercharger route

welcome to the site as well mate
Great stuff thanx for the info i would have gone for a supercaharger but for me to do that i have to inport one and the problem is that theres no one here that can repair or service it for me if needed so thats why i went for a turbo charger instead
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