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08 Mazda 3 2.0 i
I'm new to this forum and to doing car performance modifications. I currently have a 2008 Mazda 3 i touring and I am looking to just do some minor enhancements to my car to make it a little more unique and just sound and perform a little better. I am currently in college so I have very little spare money to put towards my car. my plan with this car is basically a learning car to just get started and introduced to tuning, and do more intensive mods later in life when I have a better car and more money. what are some suggestions or tips you would have? I was planning on putting in a short ram intake into the car and to do a catback exhaust change later on, maybe something like a racingbeat exhaust. maybe even a header and high flow cat, but thats probably out of my budget to do the entire exhaust system. I want to improve the airflow to make the engine work more efficiently and get some better performance and sound. I also want to add a stiffer rear sway bar to help with the cars understeer and improve the handeling and cornering. these were the only improvements that I was considering at the moment. Am I starting in the right area with performance, or am I way off? I've done research on this but I am very new to this, so any info would be greatly appreciated!

P.S front Strut bar? yes or no
Hi and welcome.
A front strut brace will help tighten up the front suspension and a rear adjustable bar will help reduce understeer or push as you guys call it in the states.

This will help you get some lift off oversteer or loose handling behavior as the heavier rear bar will try to lift the unloaded rear tire when turning reducing overall rear grip which in turn will reduce front end push.

Some negative front camber say 1.5 deg will help in the turns

Also if you let the front tires grip and turn in on a trailing throttle and get the car pointed where you want to go before applying power you will have less front end push = slow in power out.
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