getting rid :-(


skoda fabia vrs
im really stuck. had my fabia vrs for nearly two years.i do love it but i feel theres so many cars out there i want i need to start making my way through them but dont want to get rid of my vrs. just been into the bodyshop brought back the love of when i first bought her! shes gleaming! so clean and scar free id almost claim shes the besat condition vrs on the road today :) haha heeellpppp?
Get a summer car, 6 months tax and insurance then garage it over winter and mod it. Something like an S2000 would be great fun. Fuel usage is not a massive worry on a second car as you'll only be using one car at a time.
Don't get rid of the Fabia..I'm not sure what, if any mods you have done but there is so much potential in them. Those engines are pretty bulletproof and can take serious power upgrades!! Economy + power...not many cars that can do that!!

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