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I have also seemed to misplace my keys, whats the best way to getting new ones? I don't have any number tag or something that I could take to the dealer.

Will I have to get my locks replaced?
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Have you lost both keys/fobs?

If you have one keyfob I believe that you can reprogram a new keyfob fairly easily - there is a combination of button presses and key turns to achieve this.

If you have lost both then expect the main dealer to charge a fair bit of money to sort it out. Also get a quote from an independent Audi specialist if you have any near you.
sounds like its going to be an £££ job if youve lost both. youll need to phone audi to order replacements, they should have the key data stored on the system.
im unsure if a audi independent would be able to help you out unless they have access to the audi network
When I bought the car it only came with one key, I should have made a copy.

I tried to call the dealer but they are closed on sundays. I'll post what they quote me.
ok im showing main key at £52 - VIN is required so most likely it will take a couple of days to come from germany

transponder part, the bit with the chip and buttons - another £50

please note i took the info of a 2003 a4 model and my etka is a couple of months out of date so prices may be off slightly

so you should be looking around £105 with battery

also worth noting that my vat is set to 17.5% and it will be 20% on tuesday. Audi might be closed with it being a bank holiday the morn
hey, thanks a lot. The button on my key is only for small l.e.d., there's no keyless entry or anything. 52 quid would be fine with me, I was thinking it would be a lot more.

Thanks again
72 quid for the key and 35 for the dealer to code the key. And I have to have the car towed to the dealership.

The car doesn't have central locking or anything. luckily my insurance with cover the cost to have the car towed.

The Dealer needed to make a copy of my picture ID to verify the car belonged to me. They also told me Audi in Germany quotes 5 business days for the key to arrive at the dealership in Bury.
there were a couple of keys both the same price. forgot about the key coding part, pretty easily done but you would have spent more ney buying the software yourself.

5 days ??? there getting slow, i ordered R32 parts from germany - DSG wasnt available in the uk for the mk4 golf, and they only took 3 days :D cant remember how long they thought it would have taken
Just a thought on new blade type keys....i recently purchased my first quattro, with only a single remote key. After reshing the key itself, cutting it, and programming said and done $250. So, check this!! I Joined AAA, withe the mid level coverage package for one year. Yearly cost $132. After an initial 30 day period I excersized the "lock out service". I simply called AAA telling them how I had lost my key while hiking about an hour ago. There is no chance I will ever find it, as the terrain is moderatly rough. So, their "lock out service will cover up to $100 for locksmith services with no dedectable. A week prior I ordered the blank remote that I needed from Amazon. When the locksmith showed up, I simply told the truth. I had recently purchased this key with intentions of having it cut locally, and asked if I could lower the bill by providing my own blank remote key. After a few minutes of thinking, he agreed. So he went about cutting and programming my key. It worked perfect. Total bill for his service was $157. AAA covered $100..I had to out of pocket $57 + $18 for the blank key, $75 total. I now have my second switchblade key cut and working as well as an entire year of discounts at local businesses and road side assistance that is associated with AAA service. So all said and done $ $207 a tear of towing and my new key....I thought it was really effective....
hi there i am wanting some advice on making my new car go quick, it is a audi a3 1.8t sport, at top how much will a remap give me is it about 10 - 20 bhp ? and what benifits will i gain from adding a fast road cam shaft. cheers.
Greetings robsweet89 and a Warm Welcome to our TorqueCars Forum my Friend!
Good to have you along with us :)

I would just have the remap done for now and see how you get on afterwards.
Price range is quite extensive so shop around. 20 BHP should be quite achievable without having to do anything radical with the map. In my opinion there will not be much to gain from a fast road cam for your car without you spending pounds and pounds on additional hardware. Have a look at some of our approved traders here on TorqueCars who will be able to help and advise you further.
hey and welcome to the site mate.

you say its an 1.8t but no age.
99-03 150 remap will give you around 190
03-05ish old diesgn 150 or 180, dont think the audi got the 180 version but its near enough identical to the same 150 one around 205, newer turbo to the earlier models although it had a smaller valve head
later fsi 1.8s again around 205 ish as well.

fast road cams im going to say arent really needed in a turbo as you can always turn the boost up a little more.

if its the older none fsi 1.8t then look at remap, sports cat, turbo intake pipe and forge 007p diverter valve, you should see around 215 with that. throw on a front mount intercoooler as well and you can go to most stage 2 maps. these normally give around the 230 mark

the remap itself completly changes the characteristics of the engine. mine i could start using 6th gear to overtake easily rather than having to drop to 5th.
only downside was the wheelspin was much easier to get in 3rd
look at remap, sports cat, turbo intake pipe and forge 007p diverter valve, you should see around 215 with that. throw on a front mount intercoooler as well and you can go to most stage 2 maps. these normally give around the 230 mark

what is a 007p diverter value and can you fit urself, and is it possible to get a blow off valve on these cars, how much does it cost for remaps roughly, i have been told to look at revo and jabber remaps, when will i need to start thinking bout brakes, but dont know where to start do you have any more suggestions :confused:
the forge valve is a "blow off valve" but rather than dumping the air to the atmosphere it returns it to the inlet. these engines dont like the atmospheric whoosh ones as they are already set up to utilise this extra air.

if you can work a pair of tin snips and a screwdriver your all set. itts a case of finding the old rubber divereter valve and cut the clips off it and replace with the forge valve and some small jubillee clips.
it wont do anything for power but will help with the runing as the OEM vavle is prone to splitting and it only gets worse once the remap is done.

remaps vary theres alot of bad press with revo as they spike the boost low down to make it fell more powerful but i found it ran fine once i had the intake pipe - this was collapsing under the vacuum - and new spring in the diverter valve.
prices when i got mines done were around £400, custom code were the other ones i looked at but an offer came up on revo at awesomegti

regarding brakes measure the discs that are on yours already. chances are they will be 288mm in diameter. if they are then start looking around scrappys for a mk1 octavia vrs, leon cupra - not the r version, or an s3 as these use the 312mm setup. all you need is the calliper carriers and a set of 312mm discs as the callipers are the same as youve currently got. if you want to go stronger than you have the porsche options that utilise everything from the 312mm disc as used on the s3 along with 911 calipers - see my bora thread in my sig for details as this is what i did. up to some custom redrilled s63 amg discs and porches 911 gt3 callipers
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