Gen Z don't mean D-Gen(erate) k??


Edmonton AB, Canada
2000 CIVC 1.6
Well maybe a little bit.. but I swear I'm not like the rest of us I'm totally old school I promise... I just have this tendency of walking out without a word if I come in the morning and I start feeling like the 'vibe is off'

My name's Cole, or KR7. Either one is fine. Been doing my rounds on the ol' Facebook marketplace.
Looking for either
a potential low-budget reliable beater
an engine to swap out with the one that I begrudgingly wasted countless hours trying to fix and rebuild.
whichever comes first really

I'm pretty new to Honda's so forgive my ignorance. But that's why I'm writing this, I want to learn!

Im working with a 2000 Civic 1.6l SOHC (coupe) which came with a D16Y7 under the hood. In hopes to save some money (and hell, maybe even end up with a little more power), I'm on the prowl for something that will pack a little bit more of a punch, while still keeping things straightforward (in terms of installation, compatibility, size, modifications, fabrication required to make it fit and run) as humanly possible.

it pains me to admit that, recently, I came across an ad for a complete B18B1 with harness and ECU with just over 100k for a pretty good price. So when i had got the money saved up (a few weeks or so) I saw that his ad was still up so I tried messaging the guy to let me come and get it and of course he "forgot to take the ad off" as it was already sold. *#*#*#*# my life. I read that a few of the B18 engines are very 'plug n play' and straightforward to drop into this particular chassis (correct me if I am wrong) so that sucks.

The only other engine I have seen is a K20Z3 and a K24A2. What would it take to get one of those into the civic? Any suggestions or advice is much appreciated thanks

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