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Bmw E30 325i Sport
Hi I bought a 97 tdi 90bhp A4 recently, but theres a thump from the gearbox when i change gears, i persumed the rubber mounts were gone but when i had a look under it the right hand side alluminium mount was broken. I got one from a scrapyard handy enough but when i took out the old one, i spotted that the one i got looked the exact same as the broken one, but on the box i got the good one it bolted on with 3 bolts but my one would only line up with 2 of the holes, it was like the holes on my car were close together. I fitted it anyway just to keep me going but does anyone know was there different mounts for some boxes or what??
Sorry for the delay pgarner, i don't know what yr of car the mount came off but my engine code is AHU and the gearbox code looks to be either DHF or DHI, the original R/H gearbox mount that was on the car was part no. 8D0399114S and i just got the same thing at the scrap yard until i realised it was wrong!
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