Gearbox for 2.9v6 12v cologne engine.


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granada scorp 2.9v6

Ive been advised that if i want more out of my car i need to change the gear box...

Ive a standard Autobox currently But,.. im looking into a supercharger nxt year as part of my ongoing project along with an LSD, suspension, brakes etc etc..

DOES Anyone know if the Cosworth auto box from the granada would be a direct replacement/fit for my standard box or are there other options available??

I don't KNOW for certain, but given Ford's extensive parts bin I think there's a very good chance that it will. The Cosworth 2.9 was the same 2.9 litre Cologne V6 with a pair of 24 valve heads grafted on (amongst other internal mods).
Genuinely - I don't know much about the box and its torque capacity.
Supercharging will definitely increase torque across the whole rev range and I suspect it would suit the 12v engine's relatively even power delivery very well.

A fast road cam will add top end power at the expense of low end power, which might make it a bit nervous and torque shy with automatic transmission.

I think I'd go with the supercharger alone firstly and enjoy the Cologne's lazy and loveable torque delivery.
I really like the MkIII Granadas. Much nicer than very last models with the bulbous bug-eye headlights. I think these later ones were called Ford Scorpios, with the Granada name deleted from history forever. MkIII top of the range was Scorpio, with Ghia being directly beneath, IIRC.

In 1987 my Dad turned away used a MKIII Granada Scorpio 2.8i in favour of a new Sierra. One-Point-Six... L....... Manual.................... Four Speed............................... nite nite
Erm. That's it. No PAS, no windows, no CL, no nothing.

I never forgave him !!!!
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