G'Day Everyone

Mad R Wog

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Adelaide. South Australia
04 Holden VZ SS Ute
Howdy All.
My name's Chris from Adelaide, South Australia. :bigsmile:
Owner of Mad R Wog.
She's a 2004 Holden SS Ute (pick up).
6 litre - Auto
Impulse Blue with a pearl over
20 x 8.5 Esinem's Allround - 225 front - 255 back
Twin 4 inch stainless exhaust
Lowered 2 inches Allround
Full Leather Trim
Custom Hard Lid

Pictures i put up are of what she was about 3 months ago.
It is currently off the road getting a major facelift.

Hope to chat and get some new idea's from everyone.

Hello buddy welcome to Torque Cars.
You'll need 10 posts before you can upload pics and links mate. Have a wander round the forum and get posting.
I'll have a look for the one's you've tried to upload as they will have gone into the moderation queue.
hey and welcome.

as TN said you need 10 posts for pics.
currently you have a thread in the queue that will be authorised when you reach 10 posts
hello M.R .Wog good to see a fellow ausie on the site , welcome aboard . i dont own a holden but saw a few quick ones today at the h.s.v. owners club day at the local sprint circuit , one was a 3.6 v6 punching 483 hp at the rear wheels 18 psi boost & yes i saw the dyno sheets . so whats your plans ?

Love the forum name & the car sounds the dogs too, can't wait to see some pics! :D
Hello and welcome to TorqueCars, another one from Aus eh? Great to have you along. Your other post got stuck in moderation as you have less than 10 posts and it contained a picture. No worries though - i've approved it for you.

What are your plans for it?

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