Gas leak


Indianapolis, Indiana
99 Escort SE 2.0
Good morning all,

I have a gas leak and can not find it for nothing. It is coming from the drivers side right at the back door. It mainly leaks only when driving and then only short time after I stop and turn it off. Has anyone else ever encountered a problem like this on their Escort? And if so what was it?

Just clarify your Escort is a North American model & not the European Escort isn't it? :)


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It's still a Ford though, presumably? The tail end of the Escort's production shoved out some damned good cars.

I'm thinking of the UK and European market where, along with 1993's Mondeo release, the last of the Escorts spelled the end of the motoring press' traditional love of Ford baiting. The Focus finally buried that for good and glued the coffin shut.

Prior to that time, the press possibly had good cause to slag off the workaday models. In 1988 Vauxhall released the MkIII Cavalier which was head and shoulders above the base Sierras.

And what did I buy? - A b...dy Montego :-( Ahh, the misguided youth. Which leaked everything from everywhere. In and out. The carpet was sodden all winter.

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