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Peugeot 206 1.1 LX
Hey guys

Im looking to buy a focus in the next 6 months, i may go for the older model but i really like the look of the new zetec model. If i was to purchase a 05+ Reg of the newer version i need sum advice on how to maximise the bhp out of it.

Due to the unfortunate costs of insurance i will only be able to buy the 1.6. If money was not an issue but i was to look at making the best/most simple gains what would you reccomend i do. I need to stick with the 1.6 engine itself so a transplant is proberbly out of the question, i want somthing that rivals a standard 1.8 as thats what a m8 i know has :blink1:

Thanks guys
You would be better off buying a 1.8 because the insurance on a modded 1.6 will rocket anyway.
Plus you won't see any real gains from a 1.6 without spending some serious dosh.
Well what il do is look at the price diff in insurance between the 1.6 and 1.8 and post back here, maybe your right :lol:
Buddy a standard 1.8 may be dearer than a standard 1.6. But when you start modding the engine and other things then the insurance will go up dramaticaly. My point is you'd be better off buying a 1.8 for the extra little power that it offers and live with that until you get more no claims and your insurance come down to a reasonable level.

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