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I have today been from Edinburgh to Irvine nr Glasgow and back. I filled it to the brim with Shell fuel. I did 154 miles and have just refueled to the same level at the same garage same pump. It took 25.26 lires which works out at about 27mpg!. the majority of the journey there and back was by Motorway at a 58mph or slightly less or country roads at about 40mph. for a vehicle having done only about 2800 mls I feel that this consumption figure is unacceptable.

I contacted the VCA about their consumption figures they claim that the
figures were supplied to them by Skoda. If this is the case then I am afraid some misleading advertising is afoot here.

Any comments appreciated.
doesnt seem a lot does it, also depends on how you drive, lead foot etc? If ecu timing wrong? petrol or diesel?
that is very low would be expecting around 45mpg for a long journey on the M8.

take it back to the dealer and ask them to scan it under warrenty. make sure its under warrenty as it cost about £100 to scan ( i can do mine with vagcom take about 5 mins to scan the engine for faults)
Hello have been to see the dealer he has two franchises one Skoda one Perodua. test drove a MYV1 has offerd to change vehicle for one. seems a nice vehicle. any comments /info?
The Fabia 1.2 should i'm pretty sure hit the high 50 mpg on a run. It does sound to me like something is wrong with it. It would be worth checking the fuel/air mix to see if it is running rich or something else daft is going on.
I went to the dealer today couldn't get much sense! They also hold the Perodua franchise. They offered to change my Skoda for a New Myvi. I had a test drive seemed very good. Anybody have any info?
Not very clued up on the Myvi. Perodua have come a long way in recent times but I think Skoda make the better car. Anyone else have experience of Perodua?

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