Fuel injector rail (injectors)(Fuel distributor) and fuel pressure regulator


Ford Mondeo Mk3 2.0
I have a problem with my Ford Mondeo,MK3,YEAR 2001,2.0,Petrol.It was just letting out thick white fumes from the tailgate and fuel was drinking up in seconds.At first i thought it was the ignition coil so i got it changed.but the situation didnt improve.

I got someone to diagnose it and found out that the fuel pressure regulator was not functioning.So it was causing the spark plug to misfire and also fuel to overflow in the spark plug.

Now,the thing is that i got a new fuel injector rail from the previous car owner.However it does not have any fuel pressure regulator attached to it and im wondering why?It doesnt even have a place where one can be fitted.
So the mechanic is telling me that the car was designed for weather in Europe.

So he said that during winter this is needed because of the cold weather.For your information,the car was manufactured in Germany and then sold in the uk.

The previous owner brought it to Seychelles which is a tropical country.So we dont have winter here.So i have been thinking if his explanation is credible and why the other new injector rail doesnt come with a pressure regulator.

Can someone please enlighten me because im a bit reluctant for my mechanic to change the original injector rail which comes with fuel pressure regulator to one that doesnt use one.
Thank you in advance
The theory does not feel sound to me. I'm wondering if your mechanic just can't get the part you need. A regulator like that is likely to have a computer feed and return, so at minimum, if there is a non-winter version of the vehicle, I would think a computer reprogramming for it would also be necessary, and that may well not be something which can be done in aftermarket, and/or without unusual knowledge. I'd get at least one or two very knowledgeable additional thoughts before deciding whether to allow that mechanic to proceed.
I have heard of changes like this in countries where the weather is different. Most cars have different maps for each region to suit the fuel and climate. It does make sense to me but I'm based in the UK so have no practical experience of this.

I would personally check the specs for any car with the 2.0 Mondeo engine for your region to see if the pressure regulator is needed or not.

Wouldn't it be cheaper to just replace the faulty regulator rather than the whole fuel rail?
ObWayne apparently the fuel rail doesnt belong to that mondeo but it does fit.i think it belongs to a Ford focus 2004.but im not sure which year.Anyway i will check if the version for tropical climate unless i can get a clearer reponse.it Will be essier to change the pressure regulator but since thst new fuel rail was there i just wanted to ask.cz im not based in europe so any spares that has to do with this car i need to import.the csr is 2001 anf i think im the only person who has got it here.our local agent concentrates on new cars like ford focus, ecosport and a few more but comes from south africa.
I will have a look and update.
JBrickman0000 thank you for your advise as well.
What an interesting project, it's nice to see someone getting their hands dirty and working stuff out properly before jumping in!

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