frustrations..... frustrations!!!!!


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1984 porsche 944
My project Porsche 944 with the Pontiac v6 swap is at a complete stand still. My mechanic has started a new larger shop. He thinks he needs to oversee all the phases of construction so I assume he slinks around feeling important while my project sits with no progress. He said 20 to 30 hrs left but he only gets 4 to 5 hrs of actual work a week. I don't mean to be a downer but I want to drive 600hp, I'm ready!!!!!
Oh Man I feel your pain! Patience is always the name of the game, plus you need to be a bit of pain, so it's less hassle for him to work on your car than not!

So 5 weeks or so, each week you should get a progress report with updates, and you'll know if he's over half way there by week 3.

Project management is all about breaking down a job into smaller stages and making sure each of those goes to plan.
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