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free Horsepower the single best mod anyone can do

Discussion in 'CRX Del Sol Owners' started by jdmb20bcrx, 2 July 2011.

  1. jdmb20bcrx

    jdmb20bcrx New member

    USA texs
    honda crx hf 2.0li
    This is for honda b series motors only if u do this to any other series honda motor you will make the pistons hit your vavles

    1st put your motor at top dead center (look at the marks on the crank pulley located at bottom of the motor its what spins your ac/altonator/ps)
    if you cannot see the marks take out number 1 spark plug, thats the one thats farthest away from the dizzy, and put a pen or longer slender object in it and spin the crank pulley till it gets up as high as it can go then watch for it to start to come down and STOP if u dont get this right it will make your car slower. the trick is to watch when it gets as high as it can then just tap the ratchet till it bearley starts to drop and thats it

    2nd take off valve cover and if u still have the complete cover on the side that covers up the timing belt u have to do some triming or take the hole thing off but it is a pain so i just cut it

    3rd take the cam caps off they are the things the hold the cams in place they are sometimes hard to remove and have to go back in the same place so dont mix them up to get them off use a rubber malet and hit them side to side till they pop off

    4th take the intake cam the one thats closer to the firewall and will have your distributior on it and pick it up at the side the dizzy was on just enough so its out from under neath the belt and advance it one tooth thats towards the front of the car

    5th put everything back together and enjoy an extra 25 true hp

    any qusetions ???
  2. Yugguy

    Yugguy Torque King

    Rugby (expat Preston lad)
    Merc C220Cdi Elegan
    Re: free Horsepower the signle best mod anyone can do

    Have you actually done this and proved the increase?
  3. Prince

    Prince Torque King

    Northampton, England
    BMW E36 318is Coupe
    Just a few of days of asked about 'free mods'. Now you're posting this? Shall I assume that over a few days you completed the mod, then got the car dyno'd?
  4. T9 man

    T9 man TC Pro Founder Moderator

    London, UK
    Saab 9-3SS T9
    I find this quite remarkable! May I see some positive proof if available please.

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