Forester 2.0


Forester 2.0
Does anyone have expreience of problem running on a '07 Forester. It's been in twice now for 'lumpy' running and poor pick up from 2,500 reves in second.
This is our second Forester and it's the first problem we've had.
Are you using cheap supermarket petrol? Does the book recommend Super Unleaded for example?

On a car this new I would be really annoyed. There should be nothing wrong with it. Keep the pressure on the dealer, they are pretty solid cars and little goes wrong with them.

What did the dealers say the fault was?
Hi Waynne
No I only ever use the main brands.
The dealer replaced the 'air inlet monitor' or something similar - I don't quite remember.
It works fine for about 3 weeks and then gets progresively worse.
As we chose this model for the improved performance over our previous model, it's a bit frustrating.
Could be the MAF the airflow sensor. Perhaps it is getting fouled up with oil.

Can you check the oil level in the cold engine to see if it has been overfilled perhaps. What is the mileage? It would be worth keeping the Revs down and doing lots of hills and high load low speed engine work to get the engine properly run in. (I am still of the school of thought that new engines should be run in from new;))

It may just be the run in period causing blow by sending particles of oil into the MAF. This shouldn't really happen and could be down to a blocked breather or something else in the block itself.
Ah, the MAF, that's the little monkey, the memory's going a bit.
The car's done 20k and the problem started at about 15k. I would have thought the dealer would check the oil level when they diag'd the problem.
It does lots of short journeys and one annual blast down to Italy and it was fine last year (8k) but I'm concerned about this years trip.
Thanks for the advice, I'll check the oil level but I think your last comment seems the most likely.
Success, I think.
The dealer didn't have a clue but would call the Area Manager.
Meantime I called Subaru Technical Desk from the number on their website and received very helpful information.
It seems that about 40/50 cars have been affected and the problem is the sensor which determins the ignition advance/retard. The memory retains the information and compounds the problem by rectifying ignition again. Once the memory is cleared the ignition is reset until you go up a hill or load the engine, then it starts all over again.
There is an update called a PAK file which can be downloaded to the dealer - as long as they request it :-(.
Looks like a result and I hope this helps any other sufferer of this malady.
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