ford focus tdci breather pipe


United States
RS 2.6Ti
Hi my relation has got a ford focus 1.6 tdci and it went into limp mode and we found breather pipe was of from rocker cover to air filter intake pipe but we wondered how the pipe was held in rocker cover as it has no clips hope somebody can help thanks
i believe this is quite a common annoyance, basically the breather pipe (one with the very brittle plastic clip) keeps coming away as the plastic clip was broken. i keep trying to tape it on but it keeps coming away.
not sure what others have done about this, as the same issue will happen even if i bought another part as mechanics who service seem to end up breaking the clip at some point.
There is too much plastic in modern cars, even the intake manifolds are starting to come as plastic unit, and I do get that they are lighter and cheaper but it's no surprise that they don't last as long as cast versions.

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