ford focus needs tyres


focus rs 2.6TI

I have a ford focus rs and thetyres are completely bald. can someone please tell me where I can buy tyres andget them fitted due to I am looking for a new place to buy my tyres from, I work various hours so if I have to get them fitted it wouldhave to be at a convenient time for me. if anyone could recommend any sitesthey buy tyres from that would be great.
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Hopefully somebody local to Kent will be able to recommend a good independent specialist to you. For my tuppence worth and if you don't mind travelling, then try Elite Direct in Rainham Essex for a great choice of tyres.

They also deliver the goods to you.
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tried camskill but they were a bit expensive for my liking lol went to tyres247 and got em fitted but I got recommend to black circles so gonna try em next time and see if prices are better.
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