Ford Fiesta Mk4 1.25 N reg


Just wondering how much it would cost, and how much time it would take to get the engine up to 400Bhp+.
I have looked into turbo's and read the 'adiing a turbo to an non-turbo car' section of this site, but as the car is not turbo'd already, it seems it would take a lot of work and money to sort it out. or would it?

Any sort of help would be much appreciated.

Thanks guys

Hi there spurs1 welcome to the site. Glad you found the article useful! Making your Fiesta reach 400bhp will involve a lot of work. A Cosworth engine seems to be the best option but I'm not sure this has ever been done. Another option would be to take the engine from an RS model do a transplant and then tune this up but 400 bhp will be too much power for the chassis to handle. The front end is quite light so you will always be fighting for traction, wheel spin will happen in pretty much all gears and the Torque Steer is likely to be horrendus. You really need to get something RWD if you want that much power.

I hope I haven't put you off too much as it would still be a fantastic project but I really feel that when you reached your aim you will be dissapointed with the end result.
Ford Fiesta Mk4 1.25

I also have a Ford Fiesta Mk4 1.25 and would like to know what type of induction kit would be best? and if side skirts would worth it or not?
induction kit would only help up right up at the top end mate downside is it loses the power further down on smaller engines. so unless you drive it around near the redline a lot your not gaining anything by it.

have a look at a panel filter with the standard airbox. much cheaper and more beneficial

and if its noise your after you drill 3 or 4 20mm holes in the lower half will give you some induction roar

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