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I worry about the number of companies selling parts labelled for show use only.

It is as I understand illegal to sell parts for cars that are not "approved" and safety marked/tested. To get round this a lot of companies are labelling their parts for off road/show use only.

I saw some stunning lights for the Audi A4's but all of them were for a left hand drive version and marked "for show use only". What is the point? Will people just buy these and fit them anyway?

Alloy wheels for show use often tend to rust and mark really easily so I don't even think you are getting good value for money.
I agree, when bored I LOVE to sift through websites and often find a gem of a product and after a bit more looking find that they're not 'recommended' for road use (another point; what on earth does 'not recommended for road use' suggest? seriously?!) or have their for show use statement in very small writing, or generally hidden.

I've seen websites that sell aftermarket parts for road cars and parts for motorsport, with little distinction between the two. And I've known people to fit tinting films and disco neons (wheres the emoticon for vomit?), and they weren't bothered about keeping their use to off road.
I what on earth does 'not recommended for road use' suggest? seriously

Recommended for offroad use :lol: sorry :)

you have to think that some of these are styling products yes?

so alot of people will have these then fit them at shows i pressum, probably one best bought if your a serious show goer?

i had neons on my rover :embarrest:
Haha I had it coming :bigsmile: How can you recommend it for off road use when it's a product that would be legal when on the road?

I've seen your rover thread, and I must admit I liked it to say I'm not a fan ;)
lol i was young and went through a fast and furious stage i look back and bury my head into my arms :D i get where your coming from it is bizzare, i saw some fog lights that looked ace but weren't road legal :s
I think lights are common for this, I was peeved when I found out I spent money on these
It's my fault for getting giddy and not reading the second sentence (telling me they're not road legal) They looked very good, and I could easily just put them on anyway with a 'how often do I use them/would I actually get caught' attitude.

Like waynne said (back on topic) what is the point? £40 to use for a couple of hours for a couple of days in the year? Waste of money.
tbh i dont think the Coppers would mind, ive seen people with hid conversions in the fogs, like you say you dont use fogs very often
In another thread we were talking about CDAs and stamped on those it says' not for highway use', it's a built in get out clause, if your car blows up and you was on the road, you cannot go running to them with fingers pointed.

It is why my product liability insurance is so high, having these little signs reduces it alot.
tbh i dont think the Coppers would mind, ive seen people with hid conversions in the fogs, like you say you dont use fogs very often

I've seen it done on an E36 and it looked awesome. Lights are bit of a grey area though. For example aftermarket HIDs in a car that didn't have them from the factory is going to be an MOT failure.

There is also the problem of the 'show use' lights as most are LHD and therefore point the light onto the wrong side of the road. Pointless unless you only ever drive during the daytime in perfect visibility.
I remember buying 150watt main beam bulbs but these were marked off road use only. Thankfully it was a pre 1980 car so the regs didn't apply but it nearly fried the wiring!
the main point in the small print is the "No manufacturers warranty on the finish" and with chrome that's a Big Bad I Said NO!

Yeah right, good job the plates will be removed for ceramic coating LOL.
TN is right. I bought an exhaust for my bike a few years ago that said ''Not For Road Use''. With a grinder, some wet and dry and a tube of Auto Sol, I was able to alter it slightly read ''For Road Use'' :D

The fact the think had nothing inside it, Just an expantion chamber, it sounded just as loud with it on, as it did with no exhaust at all!!

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