For Sale: 1994 Toyota Supra MkIV UK TT Auto

Hi all,
1994 Toyota Supra MkIV UK Twin Turbo Auto. Baltic Blue. £32,000. c.113k mileage.




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I’ve owned this Supra for several years, during which time I have had done:
- all necessary general maintenance.
- major service at SRD including all belts etc.
- new suspension ( I’ll have to check what brand but has 32 settings and was recommended and installed at SRD)
- Dyno / compression tests etc at SRD (perfect compression, and dyno c.380)
- Clifford G5 fitted.
- Several other bits and pieces like a better dash panel, cluster lights replaced, etc.
- Some air-con ducting replaced.
- Seats recovered in premium leather but design might be a bit “marmite” as I left the decisions to the upholsterer…
- Decent new brake discs all round (Not sure of the brand but were highly recommended).
- Full glass-out re spray in same original colour, as a response to lacquer peel that had started.
- Boot electrical internals and 3rd brake light replaced, and spoiler gaskets inserted.
- During the glass-out stage several window frame and panel light repairs to remove rust.
- Full wheels refurbishment (Blasted down / smoothed and re-coated I believe, but I am not entirely sure what the process is.)
- A few air-con leaks plugged but not fully solved yet.
- Standard A-pillar put back in so I’m not blinded by two eye-level gauges at night.

It is an excellent solid car in all of the important areas, and also is a work-in progress in some areas.

Were I to keep the car, this is the remaining work I’d have done:

- Front and rear sub-assemblies clean up (in present condition, unable to adjust wheel geometry).
- Radiator front valance replace.
- MOT advisories (surface rust on suspension mount, and replace tyres (they have plenty of tread but are a bit old)
- Install a tube so that rear washer doesn’t wash the inside of the boot hatch!
- Exhaust bracket (HKS Super-Dragger is hanging a bit low, and a rubber bit fell off during the respray).
- Preventive refresh of the ECU.

Important to me:
- Re-commission the air-con (probably a few more leaks to find).
- Intermittent cluster lighting since it returned from the re-spray, have it looked at.
- Valve stem seals.
- Brake calipers clean up / paint.

Niggles / things I notice during driving:
- One or two other LED issues in HVAC and gear selector panel and gear selector indicator on dash
- One brake disc a bit squeaky at intermediate pressures but quiet at soft and hard braking.
- No clock, but SRD mentioned that if I go for performance upgrades (which is something I might do) then that space would be useful for a gauge.
- Boot gas struts still work but not quite to the level that I completely trust them.
- Airbox missing from engine bay - presumably was ditched on installation of the air filter.
- Stereo - nothing wrong with it, but potentially could be updated. No issues with speakers at all.
- Before my time I think various amateurs got to the wiring. The company who fitted the Clifford G5 originally (for me) was a fraudulent one and worked around the other bad wiring and fitted the alarm completely ignoring even the most basic industry specifications, and left the car non-operational! So when I took it to a professional for a (perfect!) refit, he also cleaned up some of the wiring as a favour. So I think there are probably a few bits and pieces to do to further tidy up wiring.

On a private plate currently, intend to change back to original plate prior to sale.

The car is solid - no structural issues or engine internals issues (excusing valve stem seals) and the essentials section isn’t a huge cost. I have listed everything I know as I intend a transparent sale with nothing intentionally hidden.
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