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Hey just wondering if anyone knows any site i can get decent bright blue neons i bought sum off ebay for like £8 and they were cheap nasty things that broke right away.

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if your after bright light go for cold cathode lights more designed for the PC cases. these will however be more fragile than normal neons i used to have some and they were very bright but broke by leaning on them. look on ebuyer think they used to go for a couple of quid for a pair of 12"

otherwise go go LED tubes these are both brighter and more duarble than neons but cost more

note non legal lights ( anything other than white at thefront amber at the sides and red at the rear ) can only be used off road - parked up doesnt count - while the light, including glow, is visable even from the footwell

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There is no legislation that refers to auxilliary lighting. Within the passenger compartment you can light and iiluminate exactly as you please.

A glow [that is] visible to the outside of the vehicle is not sufficient for the authorities to secure a prosecution.
ive got neons in the footwells and ive never been stoped at all never even had underbody neons and in bham never got stoped either.. i guess it depends on your police department really
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